CTP launches smog awareness campaign



The City Traffic Police (CTP) under its on-going smog awareness campaign is visiting different areas and trying to sensitize people to avoid any health or safety hazards during smog season.

According to the CTO sources, the CTP had launched a campaign on the directives of City Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi Taimoor Khan with an aim to raise awareness about best practices to keep oneself safe and healthy during smog season.

Therefore, the citizens should bring the vehicles on the roads while keeping them in good condition, he said adding, that in this regard, the teams were visiting different city roads, and bus terminals and distributing pamphlets and face masks among motorcyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.

The citizens were also urged to avoid waste burning to control the smog formation to protect themselves from breathing problems, and eye, nose, and throat infections, he added.

The teams were briefing the citizens that heart and breathing patients should take extra measures to avoid any situation and use sunglasses while going outside which would be helpful to avoid any sort of eye infection.