CTP educating PSV drivers to ensure safety of commuters


STAFF REPORTER Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi Syed Ali Akbar Friday said City Traffic Police under a traffic awareness campaign was educating drivers of Public Service Vehicles (PSV) about traffic rules and road safety. He said, Education Wing of CTP was delivering lectures and distributing pamphlets at different terminals of public service vehicles in the city. He said, the drivers were being given tips about lane/line discipline, traffic rules, road safety and advantages of keeping to the correct lanes. The drivers should follow traffic rules, he said adding, the campaign on the directives of Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi was started to acquaint people with traffic laws while inculcating better traffic sense among them. He said CTP was making efforts to maintain traffic discipline on the roads and involving the community in eliminating traffic violations. The CTO said, Education Wing of Traffic police had been making efforts to spread awareness so that the road journey could be made safe and sound