Crops destruction causes losses worth billions in Sindh


The widespread floods triggered by monsoon rains have completely destroyed the cotton and dates crops in Sindh while partially damaging other yields with losses running into hundreds of billions of rupees, it has been learnt on Wednesday.

The floodwater also ruined the crops of sugarcane, onion, tomato and other Kharif vegetable crops, said the report, adding rice, sesame seeds (til) and other crops were also damaged.

According to the report, the floods have destroyed crops standing on an area of 28, 45,046 acres. However, the biggest loss Sindh has suffered due to floods was the destruction of the cotton crop, the report added.

As per a preliminary estimate, the cotton crop loss was worth over Rs205 billion while the dates crop destruction has inflicted Rs7.10 billion loss to Sindh.

The damage to the rice crop in Sindh was estimated at Rs50.87 billion.

The partial ruining of the sugarcane crop was estimated to be around Rs3.39 billion. The chilies crop destruction resulted in Rs7.77 billion loss and onion crop was also in tatters which were worth Rs10.14 billion.

The tomato crop destruction caused Rs2.71 billion loss. The accumulative losses of the Kharif vegetable crops were Rs2.45 billion.

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