Critics of the ISI, who are these people ? | By Asghar Ali Shad


Critics of the ISI, who are these people ?

THE practice of blaming the Pakistani people, government and national security agencies has been a long-standing hobby of the Western and Indian media, but even some circles of our country are also deliberately playing their part in this regard.

In recent months, there has been intensification in this regard and such myths are being hatched against the Pakistan Army and ISI which is totally unreasonable attitude.

Pakistan’s arch-opponents have been waging a well-organized campaign against Pakistan for the last 74 years and behind it are not only the ruling classes of India and Israel but also some quarters of the United States and Europe.

All internal and external forces are well aware that ISI is Pakistan’s most important institution for the protection of national interest.

Therefore, in order to target Pakistan, it is necessary to tarnish the image of this national security agency, even though it is recognized by all quarters that ISI is the world’s most famous professional intelligence agency with a long list of achievements.

Everyone knows that Pakistan’s national security agencies have succeeded on countless fronts, from the defeat of the Soviet Union to the defeat of India’s negative propaganda.

Not only that, but the arrest and exposure of senior Indian spies like “KulbhushanYadav” is a testament to the professionalism of these agencies.

Furthermore, many historians and writers around the world have written books and research analyzes on the services of these institutions.

It is also noteworthy that intelligence agencies in all countries of the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, play a vital role in their national interest, but their role is never criticized by the international media.

Unfortunately, Pakistani intelligence agencies are the target of criticism from the international media (especially India, Afghan and American media).

And possibly all this is an important part of a well thought out plan, the Fifth Generation Warfare, under which a conspiracy is being hatched to weaken Pakistan.

These circles were formed after the tragedy of 9/11, when there was a lot of pressure on Pakistan at the international level, but the ground reality has always been that the truth has to come out anyway, just an individual or a group on the strength of propaganda can’t mislead the whole world forever.

Therefore, under the same universal principle, it has become clear to the world community that Pakistani institutions are not sponsoring terrorism but in fact are playing a leading role against this curse.

Even in a large segment of the international community, there is a growing awareness of the fact that the Pak Army and the ISI are making everlasting sacrifices to eradicate terrorism. As a result of this global recognition, the Pakistan Army and the ISI are occasionally praised by many humanitarian circles.

Obviously, Pakistan’s opponents are not digesting this in any way, so they have tried to strike back and are trying unsuccessfully to turn their diplomatic retreat into victory.

In this context, sometimes anti-Pak personalities are slandered and sometimes so-called ‘analysts’ make such remarks that Al-Aman Al-Hafeez. Everyone is well aware that Pakistan has suffered the most from terrorism.

It is no secret that Pakistan has one of the highest rates of martyrdom of officers and soldiers in the world.

More than 7,000 army personnel, including senior officers of the Pakistan Army, have laid down their lives.

Has the United States, India, Israel or any other state been able to make such sacrifices? So it is the duty of the world community, especially the United States, the United Kingdom and other governments, to step forward and immediately refute the rhetoric of such mischievous elements and to hold the international media accountable for the state of mind of such classes instead of taking such allegations seriously.

And also find out what are its motivations? Such an action strengthens the terrorist and negative elements.

It is also the responsibility of all quarters of the country to respond to such baseless allegations in a meaningful way through domestic and foreign media and research institutions and to value the argument instead of being intimidated by big names.

Some big names probably fall into the category of “big name and small vision” because of their malafide intention.

Some elements like BBC, CNN, London School of Economics, Hussain Haqqani, Tariq Fateh, Ayesha Siddique seem to be inclined to humiliate Pakistan Army again, especially ISI.

From the day one, it has been a thorn in the sight of the opponents of Pakistan and has become a practical example of “Main Khatakta Hun Dil-e-Yazdan Mein Kante Ki Tarah”.

But it is also certain that Pakistan came into being by the grace of Allah Almighty and despite all its shortcomings, the Pakistani nation and the national security agencies will remain safe forever Insha’Allah.

—The writer, a freelance columnist, was Research Fellow in Islamabad Policy Research Institute and Researcher in Centre for South Asian Studies, Punjab University Lahore.

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