Criminal cases to be decided in 9 months

Observer Report

Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem Saturday said that the government plans reforms in the criminal justice system and will introduce a law making it mandatory to decide criminal cases within nine months.

Sharing some of the salient features of the reforms, he said that the court of higher judiciary would be made responsible for ensuring timely decisions from a subordinate court.

“Previously statements from witnesses have tam-pered and now it has been decided to film the testi-mony from the witness besides also adding DNA testing and electronic evidence as part of the testi-mony in the case,” he said while stressing the need to improve skills of the judges at the trial court.

Further sharing other reforms to be introduced in the criminal justice system, Farogh Naseem announced that the station house officer should at least have a bachelor degree.

He further announced that previously, the statement from the suspect is forcibly taken under section 161 and now video evidence of the statement would be made compulsory.

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