Crackdown against tampered nozzles, short measuring launched

Raza Naqvi

The district administration has begun to crack down on gauges at petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG) stations that have been tampered with in Attock on Friday.

The crackdown was launched on instructions from Deputy Commissioner Imran Hamid Sheikh, who received complaints of short-measuring and overcharging by petrol station owners across the district. Mr Imran has also asked others to check petrol stations in their respective subdivisions.

Following directions, Assistant Commissioner Hazro Zohaib Ahmed carried out detailed inspections of various petrol stations after complaints regarding tampered-with gauges.

He fined different petrol stations Rs 40,000 for tampered-with gauges and short measuring.

He said that the campaign against petrol stations selling less fuel to customers, violating weight and measurement laws, would continue.

He said that petrol pump owners and operators found tampering with gauges and selling petrol and diesel in lesser quantity would not be spared.

He said 10 to 12 milliliters of petrol and diesel were being sold to consumers from each nozzle, conserving around 200 litres a day against an average sale of 10,000.

During a raid on petrol and CNG stations in Attock, Assistant Commissioner Zarmena Wazir paid surprise visits to various petrol and CNG station whose nozzles had discrepancies. She fined various stations for short measuring and profiteering.

Fine worth 45 thousand was imposed on the owners of different petrol pumps of Jand for tampering with nozzles and short-selling fuel besides violating weight, measurement laws, violations of weights, measurement, shop and security laws.

A team led by Assistant Commissioner Ijaz Abdul Kareem found petrol station was found to be using inaccurate petrol measuring apparatuses and had expired fire extinguishers.

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