Crackdown against black-marketing of medicines launched

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

District administration Mardan launched a crackdown against medicine stores on Tuesday for black-marketing of Panadol tablets and imposed heavy fines on medical stores involved in the illegal practice.

On receipt of complaints from the citizens regarding the sale of Panadol tablets in black, on the special instructions of Deputy Commissioner Mardan Habibullah Arif, Assistant Commissioner Mardan Madam Ayesha Tahir along with Additional Assistant Commissioner Headquarters Junaid Khalid and Additional Assistant Commissioner Buraq Awan visited various medicines Markets in Mardan. Checked regarding the presence of Panadol tablets, artificial insemination and charging more than Rs 30 per packet from the citizens.

The lady Assistant commissioner imposed heavy fines on the black sale of Panadol tablets and manufacturers of artificial insemination and directed the owners to charge the fixed rate of Rs 30 per packet. On this occasion, Assistant Commissioner Madam Ayesha Tahir said that no one will be allowed to collect more than the fixed rate. Legal action will be taken against those who collect more.


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