CPWB chairperson stresses need to end child beggary


Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) Chairperson Sara Ahmed has stressed the need for effectively carrying out the anti-beggary campaign in the province.

While meeting SP Security Police Syed Aziz, DSP Traffic Muhammad Ashfaq and Chairman of Rickshaw Union Majeed Ghorin here at her office on Friday, she discussed a plan of action for the campaign.

The chairperson said the anti-beggary campaign would be carried out in Punjab with the coordination of other relevant departments such as police, district administration etc. to end menace of child beggary, adding that joint teams would be formed to conduct child rescue operations.

During the campaign, beggar children would be taken into custody by the Child Protection Bureau, while adult beggars would be taken into custody by the police, she said. All departments concerned would play their role for eradication of child beggary in Punjab. Police would provide assistance in registering cases against beggar mafia, she added.

The rickshaw union would also provide support in carrying out public awareness campaign by display-ing banners inscribed with awareness quotes. “Rick-shaw is a public ride through which our message will reach more people,” she added. During the anti-beggar campaign, beggar children are being taken into the custody of the Child Protection Bureau, while adult beggars are being taken into police cus-tody. Sara Ahmed said that city traffic police will inform about beggars at different signals. The Child Protection Bureau, City Traffic and Police will play their part to end bullying. Police will provide assis-tance in registering cases against beggar mafia. Rickshaw Union will provide support in public awareness campaign of Child Protection and Welfare Bureau. will be displayed.