CPSC to launch book on 70 years of Pak-China partnership

Staff Reporter

Second edited book by China Pakistan Study Centre Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad titled, ‘’Higher than Karakoram-Seven Decades of Pakistan China Partnership” is set to be launched on May 20.

It covers various dimensions of the bilateral relations ranging from trade, defense, maritime cooperation, opportunities in technological industry and artificial intelligence, culture and tourism, CPEC and Post- Covid-19 cooperation between the two countries.

Dr. Talat Shabbir, the editor of the book and Director of China- Pakistan Study Centre at ISSI said, “Since inception of diplomatic ties, Pak-China continued to deepen all-inclusive relations.

This book enables readers to have a clear picture of this unique relationship”.
Shabbir previously launched his book “Creating shared futures, Pakistan- China: A Journey of Trust and Friendship” in April.

Pakistani Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haq said, “To attain common destiny, it is imperative that academic institutes of China and Pakistan carry out candid and concerted research on bilateral ties. This book is a valuable addition.”

For advancing scholarly contributions on Pak-China relations, this book plays an important role in enhancing the understanding of bilateral relations in global dynamics, said Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong.

Ambassador Masood Khalid’s chapter on China-Pak Relations in Changing Geo Political Environment in CPSC’s book stresses that by consolidating their time-tested bonds, Pakistan and China can strive together to build shared future for mankind.

The CPSC has been tasked with carrying out dedicated research and analysis of China’s policies, and their impact on Pakistan and the region.

It is also engaged in national and international outreach to promote better understanding of Pak-China relations, develop linkages with think-tanks in China and advance people to people contacts, the report added.

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