CPEC project


CPEC, a flagship project of China’s “One Belt One Road” Initiative, acts as a vital bridge that connects China with Central Asia, the Middle East and South Asia. By linking China with the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, CPEC will expand trade potential and enhance energy security of the region. It will directly benefit the people inhabiting China, South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. An investment of US& 50 billion is likely to occur on it, thus making it the biggest overseas investment by a single country so far in Pakistan.
It is such a project that Pakistan does not want to lose it, because it is the only project that can help Pakistan to be a developed country and make her economy strong. There is no doubt that this project will help make Pakistan the Tiger of Asia. Some countries are averse to this game changer project; that’s why the Government of Pakistan under the able leadership of PM Imran Khan is trying its utmost for its timely completion, so that it does not face any problems.
CPEC will provide thousands of jobs to the unemployed youth in the country. This project will change the fate of the country and it is the only project that Pakistan is putting more and more efforts and wants that it should be completed as soon as possible. The biggest enemy of Pakistan, India, is not happy with Pakistan and does not want that this project should be completed and Pakistan should develop. India with the help of some other countries is trying its level best to derail the project.