Covid: Only vaccinated pilgrims can visit to perform Haj and Umrah


The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is planning to introduce an official authentication process for all nations to allow only those, who have been administered the Covid-19 jab, to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Madina to perform Hajj and Umrah this year.

During a panel discussion on the second and the concluding day of Hope Consortium’s World Immunisation and Logistics Summit in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, Dr. Hani Jokhdar, Undersecretary of Public Health, Ministry of Health, KSA, said as the Kingdom prepares for this year’s Hajj and Umrah, the authorities are looking forward to all nations to have an official authentication code that identifies people who have received the vaccine to make it easier for pilgrims.

“We’d like to have an official authentication process of the vaccine for all nations. In Saudi Arabia, anyone who has been administered the jab receives a quick response (QR) code that confirms that they’ve received the vaccine,” he said.

“We’re urging all countries to have an official authentication process that is easy and readable at our borders.

So, people who have been vaccinated can easily enter the country and perform Hajj and Umrah without facing difficulties,” he added.

Dr. Jokhdar said the nation’s leadership supported the fight against Covid-19 from the outset and a special committee was formed to lead the fight against the pandemic.

“From July 2020 to date, the committee has met over 200 times to discuss various measures to contain the spread of the viral outbreak, including ways to expedite the vaccination process,” he said.—AP

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