Covid cases decreasing in Afghanistan



Afghan health officials on Monday said they are optimistic about the reduction of COVID-19 cases in Afghanistan, highlighting that only 38 people have died across the country in the past 3 months.

Jawid Hazhir, the spokesman of the Ministry of the Public Health (MoPH), said that more than 2,400 people were infected with COVID-19 during the past three months.

Hazhir said at least five hospitals are operating to treat COVID-19 patients in Afghanistan. “Fortunately, we witnessed a decreased number of infected patients in the last three months,” said Jawid Hazhir.

In the meantime, officials at the Afghan-Japan hospital told TOLOnews that the center is struggling with less challenges than in previous months.

“We would be ready to fight against the next wave, if it comes, but in that case, we will need more staff,” said Zalmay Reshteen, head of the Afghan-Japan hospital. Kabul residents asked officials to pay full attention to health services. “We are a little worried. We ask the ministry to control the hospitals and the hospitals must take care of patients,” a resident told TOLOnews.

The Ministry of Public Health added that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently assisted with 120,000 testing kits for Afghanistan.—Telenews

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