Covid-19: Punjab resumes vaccination after a short delay


After many days of delay owing to a lack of COVID-19 vaccines, vaccinations in major Punjab cities have resumed.

The Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccinations are accessible at the centres, according to the deputy commissioner of Lahore, but individuals who need the AstraZeneca vaccine would have to wait longer.

Vaccination began in other Punjab towns, such as Bahawalpur and Multan when the government received a supply of the Sinovac vaccine from China.

The situation in Karachi, on the other hand, has not improved. Several clinics are still closed due to a lack of vaccination. Sindh has declared that all vaccination clinics will be closed on Sunday.

The Karachi Expo Centre’s mass vaccination centre is still not completely operational. President of the Arts Council of Pakistan, Ahmed Shah, said that the ACP’s centre would be closed today.

A special Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft delivered approximately 1.55 million SinoVac vaccination pills from China on Sunday. The unique shipment of the SinoVac vaccine was part of the scheduled contractual amount bought from China, according to the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

Another shipment of Chinese vaccinations worth 2-3 million doses will arrive in Pakistan next week, followed by a steady supply of COVID vaccine tranches.

According to the NCOC, China, as a long-time ally of Pakistan, has taken particular precautions to guarantee a continuous supply of vaccinations to Pakistan. Measures are in place, however, to deliver these vaccinations to all federating units in accordance with their needs.

In the meanwhile, the government has chosen to begin mass manufacturing of the PakVac vaccine. According to individuals familiar with the situation, a decision has been made to begin preparations for the manufacture of the single-dose PakVac as early as next month.

According to reports, the National Institute of Health in Islamabad would produce three million doses of PakVac each month, and the government has been notified of the decision.

Because of the increasing demand for the vaccine, the decision to manufacture it on a wide scale was made.

Monthly manufacturing of three million vaccine doses would guarantee an adequate supply of corona vaccination jabs, reducing the country’s reliance on other nations considerably. CanSino Biologics of China would supply the vaccine’s raw material, they added.

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