Court orders to replace Jokhio murder case IO



Sindh Prosecutor General in a letter to the inspector general of police has sought replacement of the investigation officer in the Nazim Jokhio murder case.

Reportedly, the letter said that the investigating officer of the case Siraj Lashari had presented the challan of the case in the court of Malir Judicial Magistrate, while the magistrate had directed the officer of the case to present the challan before the Anti-Terrorism Presiding Judge.

The officer presented the challan of the case directly before the Anti-Terrorism Presiding Judge and violated Sindh Criminal Prosecution Service Act 2009 by submitting direct challan.

The presiding judge of the anti-terrorism court asked the prosecutor general’s office to scrutinise the challan and the officer submitted the case challan along with police file to the Prosecutor General’s Office for scrutiny.

On March 21, the Prosecutor General’s Office directed the investigating officer to rectify the deficiencies in the challan, whereas the officer did not rectify the deficiencies in the challan. The letter said a competent officer should be appointed in place of Siraj Lashari.


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