Country heading towards development: Malik Amin


Raza Naqvi


Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam has said that the country was heading towards development and prosperity under the leadership of Premier Imran Khan and the day is not far off when all the problems of the people will be solved.
He said this while addressing two different gatherings at Dhok Miskeen and Mohalla Irshad Nagar.
The SAPM said that the purpose of installing water filteration plants is to ensure provision of hygenically clean drinking water to the people and to control water born diseases.
He said that these plants will supply clean drinking water to hundered of families of the area. He said that 45 water filtration plants are being installed in different areas of Attock, Hazro and Hasanabdal to ensure provision of clean drinking water to the people at the cost of more than 60 million rupees which will certainly control water born diseases. Malik Amin said that four water filteration plants in Attock, four in Hasanabdal, four in Hazro while rest of the plants are being installed in Waisa, Chechian, Khaqwani, Bolianwal, Golra, Haji Shah, Haroon, Malik Mala, Kalu Kalan, Formali, Jalalia, Hameed, Kamalpur Musa , Mararia and Ghorghushti.

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