COTHM claims top spot in Eurhodip Challenge 2020


Staff Reporter

Human mind is a fountainhead of all magic, happiness and innovation. Proving this verbatim to the optimum, Team COTHM while representing Pakistan claimed a top spot in Eurhodip Challenge 2020 organized by Stenden Hotel Management School and secured 1st position among 10 shortlisted teams.
Eurhodip is an education support association for lading hospitality related colleges and universities, providing programs and services for continuous improvement of the quality of hospitality and tourism education in a global perspective. As many as 39 countries are represented in the association by more than 150 hotels and tourism institutes including the best known in Europe. Most of them are located in the European continent although the 4 other continents are also represented. COTHM proudly represents Pakistan in Eurhodip.
Over 100 teams submitted their entries to this year’s competition in Eurhodip Challenge 2020 theme – How can a digital influencer help the Postillion hotel brand to promote itself amongst hotel school students as employees?
The COTHM team faced formidable competition from 9 other shortlisted entries. Details of winning entries: College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Pakistan as Winner of the competition The team elaborated the design-based education process in an interesting way. The prototype was presented in a creative way and the content was strong.
COTHM team included: Ms. Sadia Faud and Neelma Gul served as the team’s faculty advisors as Mr Zaheer supervised the entire project with great zeal.