Coronavirus: Dr Bilquis urges people to stay indoors


SRINAGAR In occupied Kashmir, Dr Bilquis, wife of illegally detained senior APHC leader Shabbir Ahmed Shah, has urged the Kashmiri people to follow the advisory issued by the medical experts and stay indoors to save themselves and others from coronavirus. Dr Bilquis, who is a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) in Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial (JLNM) Hospital in Srinagar, talking to media men, citied her husband’s example and said if Shabbir Shah can spend 33 years in jail, why people can’t stay indoors for 33 days? She said COVID-19 has badly hit Jammu and Kashmir and no one knows who will be the next target of this deadly pandemic. “COVID-19 attacks indiscriminately without knowing who is employed or unemployed, old or young, doctor or engineer. It is our collective responsibility to stay away from gatherings and remain indoors for time being,” she maintained. Dr Bilquis said that her husband, Shabbir Shah had spent thirty-three years in jail because of his strong political belief. “Still he is languishing in New Delhi’s Tihar Jail where he has been kept in 6×6 cell. People should learn from him and act upon the advisories issued for their well-being,” she added. Dr Bilquis said that she had not visited her home for the last couple of weeks. “My husband is in Tihar Jail. I along with other health experts are screening and monitoring patients continuously, so people should behave maturely and assist administration at this juncture,” she added.—KMS

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