Continued military siege has added to people’s miseries


Observer Report


APHC-AJK chapter leaders, Abdul Majeed Malik and Imtiaz Wani have said that the people of occupied Kashmir have been facing severe difficulties due to continued military siege.
APHC-AJK leader and Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement, Abdul Majeed Malik, in a statement issued in Islamabad said that India had used all cheap tactics to suppress the freedom sentiment of the Kashmiri people but miserably failed in its nefarious designs. He said that India had to accept ground situation, give up its intransigence and create conducive atmosphere for peaceful settlement of the lingering Kashmir dispute.
Abdul Majeed Malik said that India wanted to hoodwink the world community by organizing a controlled visit of hand-picked envoys to occupied Kashmir. He said that the envoys of the European Union countries had refused to visit the occupied territory as they wanted to freely meet politicians and common people.
He said that the blood of lakhs of Kashmiri martyrs would not go waste and reiterated the Kashmiris’ resolve to continue the liberation movement till they achieved their birthright to self-determination.
APHC-AJK leader and Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Employees Movement, Imtiaz Wani in his statement issued in Islamabad deplored that the Indian troops had created an atmosphere of fear in occupied Kashmir and were committing massive human rights violations. He said that the people of the territory had been facing acute shortage of food and medicines due to the blockade.
He said that the United Nations Human Rights Council had time and again sought permission from the Indian government to allow a visit to occupied Kashmir but was denied.