Contagious diseases cases on rise in flood-hit areas

South Pakistan flood

An outbreak of contagious diseases has surfaced in flood-hit areas, citing sources. “In last 24 hours, 87,373 cases of infectious diseases have been reported,” according to sources. “Most of the cases being reported from the flood-ravaged areas of Sindh,” sources said. “Overall, 14,686 cases of diarrhea have been reported across the country in last 24 hours, 10,802 cases of the disease were reported from Sindh,” sources said.

“Diarrhea also rapidly spreading in flood-stricken areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan,” according to sources. In Balochistan 1890 cases and KP 1382 cases of the contagious disease reported. Total, 20016 cases of skin infection reported in flood victims in a day. Sindh reported 16,107 cases of skin infection, while Balochistan 1802 and KP 1168 patients of skin infection, sources said.

In last 24 hours 15,532 cases of lung infection reported in flood-hit areas, 11,190 cases of them in Sindh, 1749 cases in Balochistan, 1374 cases in Punjab and 1219 cases of lung infections were reported from KP, according to sources. Overall, 655 cases of eye infection were reported in flood hit areas of the country. Moreover, 384 suspected cases of typhoid reported from the flood-stricken areas, according to sources. In last 24 hours, five cases of snakebite were reported in these areas, three of them in Sindh and two in Balochistan.—INP

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