Construction of Burma Bridge will start soon


Staff Reporter

Construction of Burma Bridge will start shortly as bids of the project has been opened as process opening of bids has been completed. Construction of bridge will not only resolve one of the longstanding issue in the Federal Capital but would also end the miseries of the residents residing in the locality and commuters.
The bridge will be 152 meter long and will be 11.5 meters wide. The project will be completed within one (01) year time.
Through newspapers advertisement, bids for the construction of Burma Bridge was sought which were opened on Monday. Six (06) firms participated in process. Total estimated cost of the project was Rs. 199 million, however, CDA received lowest bid 3.97 % below estimated cost. The process was supervised by a committee. After approval from competent Authority and completion of codel formalities work would be awarded to the firm which has submitted the lowest bid.
Due to dilapidated condition of Burma Bridge, concerned authorities, nearly seven years ago, had stopped all kinds of movement on the bridge to avoid any untoward incident. As the Northern side of the bridge was sinked and the whole traffic was shifted to southern side. Due to which traffic jam in the vicinity had become a regular feature.
The project was stuck for last many years, however, incumbent management in line with its policy to priorities the stalled projects and cognizing importance of the project taken up the matter and not only revived the project but also made budget allocation in this regard. After swift completion of codel formalities, tenders notices were issued accordingly and now the bids have been opened. After approval from competent authority the work would be awarded shortly to the firm that has given lowest bid.