Connecting Indiana’s KKK to India’s RSS


Dr Muhammad Khan
Paul Marshall, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, Washington DC had once revealed very interesting facts about the global trends of combating terrorism. In 2004, this distinguished professor and insightful scholar had indicated to Bush Administration in the United States that Muslims are not the real threat to world peace. But, there are groups and communities who have indigenous trends towards terrorism and they are the real threat for the global peace including a threat to US society.
Paul Marshal is Wilson Distinguished Professor of Religious Freedom at the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University, and research professor in political science. In his article, Hinduism and Terror, Professor Paul pointed out that “Since September 11, 2001, the world’s attention has properly been focused on the violence of Islamic extremism, but there are also major violent trends in Hindu extremism that have largely been ignored in the United States.”
He clearly told the US policy makers through his write-up that Muslims are being wrongly labelled in terrorism. Some Muslims may have been used for undertaking terrorist activities by the vested international forces for the implementing their nefarious designs. Extremism and terrorism runs counter to Islamic teachings, hence a true Muslim cannot undertake such acts.
The real masters of terrorism are Hindu extremists who are supported by Indian Government. It is worth mentioning that the BJP-led Government was in power in India at the time of incident of 9/11. Thus the Hindu terrorism had official sponsorship from very beginning and with the passage of time this lineage has further strengthened. With Narendra Modi assuming power in India in 2014, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) became the most powerful religious outfit of the world. All terrorist activities within India against minorities and those in the neighbouring states are planned and controlled by RSS Headquarters located at Nagpur, Maharashtra State.
According to a recently released video, Mr Jada, a black American revealed many facts related to Indiana-based Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and the RSS. While revealing the facts in front of a Town Council in New Hampshire against the disenfranchisement of US citizens, he compared KKK with RSS and racial agenda, both having interconnected terrorist agendas. This is very unfortunate that the US Homeland Security Department and CIA could not unearth the activities of this group for a long or they wilfully ignored.
Jordan Fischer Jordan, the Senior Digital reporter for RTV6 disclosed the reality of KKK in his article, entitled, “The History of Hate in Indiana: How the Ku Klux Klan took over Indiana’s halls of power”. Like RSS, in the case of KKK, “religion, politics, government and patriotism are all deeply entwined.” The RSS is following the religious agenda of Hindutva which is clearly manifested in its political ambitions. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)-2019 is clear manifestation of RSS religious and political agenda, both intertwined.
As revealed in the video, Jada grew up in Louisiana and has been critical to the members of the House of Representatives. He clearly revealed that the Indian KKK (RSS) is holding power in India for years now and control entire activities of this 1.3 billion populous state. In his disclosure Jada said, “But KKK of India has held power there for the last five years. And India’s KKK is called the RSS. RSS was responsible for lynching, bombing, assassinations and pogroms against Christians, Muslims and anyone who stands up against its xenophobic agenda.”
Mr Jada also revealed connection between India’s RSS and Tulsi Gabbard, who campaigned hard to become America’s next President. She repeatedly spoke at RSS events both in US and India. Her campaign was widely financed by RSS. “The real message about RSS, being similar to KKK and to Hitler’s fascist goals, is being recognized as such throughout the world.” Mr Modi is the direct product of the RSS, since he was groomed entirely by this terror outfit. Though Indian Hindu population has widely been converted into Hindutva ideology under RSS, the minorities like Muslims, Christians and Sikhs are now being persecuted to either to accept this brutal philosophy or leave India. CAA is a direct threat to these minorities.
While drawing the parallels between Indiana’s KKK and India’s RSS one gets the clear message of overt threat based on terrorism, fascism and racism. Both terror networks have wider political agendas intertwined with religious and social agendas. The essence of their ideologies includes: promotion of terrorism in the garb of belief system, advancement of racial discrimination and attainment of political dominance through the alliance of key capitals and power centres. With the wider Indian Diaspora around the globe, the RSS and its Hindutva ideology are rapidly emerging as a threat to global peace. For India, it may be tolerable under a terror regime of Modi, but would it be acceptable for the civilized masses of the United States?
— The writer is Professor of Politics and International Relations at International Islamic University, Islamabad.