Conflicting realities and confusing outcomes in Balochistan | By Zulkafil Hassan Khan


Conflicting realities and confusing outcomes in Balochistan

ACCORDING to many reports it is evident that regional enemies of development having hegemonic designs against the socio-economic prosperity of Pakistan and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have been very active since long.

Time and again, military sources confirm that India has been the main culprit in the terrorist activities in Balochistan.

Even Foreign Ministry of Pakistan shared this information with all the diplomatic community in Islamabad and the United National Security Council.

Moreover, India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has dangerous intentions and plans to destabilize Pakistan.

Somehow, many western countries have also been scheming against the CPEC which they consider as a potential threat to their so-called vested interests.

Unfortunately, imperialistic forces have been working against Pakistan and CPEC too which has now become a lifeline to macro-economy of the country.

Foreign powers are financing terrorist networks and secretly forming sanctuaries in Balochistan.

In this connection, women terrorists in Karachi sad incident against Chinese teachers has shocked all the stakeholders and also alarmed security establishment of both countries.

It is indeed a wake-up call for the policy-makers too. In recent years, both Pakistanis and Chinese working in the CPEC projects have repeatedly been targeted by numerous terrorist outfits.

However, right from the beginning, China has been helping us to accelerate CPEC projects to achieve win-win results and befitting propositions.

That is why; CPEC has become a lifeline for our socio-economic prosperity, massive industrialization, greater regional connectivity, reduction of poverty and generation of new jobs in the country.

Despite political differences, the political leadership of our country considers CPEC as an engine of growth, X-factor for massive transformation and persuasion of green energy.

Balochistan is the connecting hub of the CPEC and Gwadar is the jewel of it. There is increasing anti-Chinese sentiment in Balochistan which has been schemed, sponsored and staged by regional movers & shakers, especially India and its secret agencies.

Unfortunately, due to western propaganda and dirty play of regional power brokers the common people term Chinese investment in Balochistan as unproductive and irrelevant.

It seems that their resistance is the result of their self-defined prejudices. Despite their illogical concerns, the government of Pakistan has been striving hard to transform their lives through immense allocations of funds and CPEC projects of socio-economic development, education, empowerment, energy, clean drinking water and technical education in different regions of Balochistan.

It has already uplifted their standards of living. Unfortunately, local radical parties always provoke their followers and sleep cells to agitate against the provincial and federal governments and create some fuss and doubts against CPEC projects in the province.

There is an urgent need to connect with people with conflicting tendencies and bring all of them into mainstream politics.

There is an urgent need to form a national narrative against terrorism which is the curse against humanity.

In this regard, sincere efforts should be started to eradicate tendencies of radicalization, fanaticism and terrorism through rigorous political engagement, financial and monetary compensation, socio-economic development and last but not the least overhauling in the our security apparatus through better understanding of the cause, electronic warfare, hybrid war, snooping and human agency.

Since the beginning of the present government, incidents of sabotage have been on the rise and terrorist attacks against Chinese working in various projects of CPEC is constantly on the rise.

To conclude sincere efforts, not cosmetic statements, is the way forward to eliminate terrorism in the country, especially from Balochistan.

—The writer is contributing columnist.


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