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Accountability needed


Former Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has said that the coalition government is planning to form a Commission to probe the wrong decisions taken by the former government which led to massive losses in the petroleum sector and plunged the nation into an economic quagmire.

The public wonders about the truth because the PTI government has been accusing its predecessors PPP and PML-N governments of corruption and mismanagement while the current coalition government is levelling the same charges against the supporters of Riasat-e- Madinah. The ever-rising inflation has rocked Pakistani society and every citizen of the country has been hit severely irrespective of his financial position, class, profession or business. Neither any past governments including the PTI regime nor the incumbent coalition government succeeded in putting a check on this monster.

In fact, the Power Division and Ministry of Energy had made reckless and irresponsible decisions in the purchase of LNG, and thermal oil last year, which further aggravated the energy crisis. Former Energy Ministers and Advisors committed a grave crime against the nation when they did not purchase oil at reduced rates during the COVID-19 pandemic while the whole nation was demanding to conclude and they bought LNG on spot contracts instead of long-term contracts, which proved to be disastrous for the national economy.

Although there was no such tradition of accountability for non-judicial and wrong decision-making by the Ministers which had been intentionally made by the influential to satisfy their hidden interests. In fact, there should be an accountability of the leaders, and dishonesty must be censured and penalized so, that every Minister and each advisor thinks several times before a foil play. Impartial and judicious inquiry is to be held to probe this mismanagement in LPG case which dragged the country into energy crises.



Unnecessary rhetoric, pointless tension

This refers to the editorial titled ‘unnecessary rhetoric, pointless tension (July 4). The editorial speaks for a vast majority of Pakistanis who are fed up with the daily lashing of the coalition government and the opposition leaders, berating each other for their corruption and bad governance and holding each other responsible for the present predicament of the country. The incumbent government blames the high prices of fuel on the ousted government, which reneged on the agreement made with the IMF, thus placing the present government in an awkward position of making hefty price-increase or losing the deal, thereby leading to default/bankruptcy because other international financial institutions and friendly countries would not have been willing to help us out without an IMF deal.

Of course, the coalition government’s claim is true. However, the financial ruin that the country faces is not of the making of just PTI’s three-and-a-half-year rule but the cumulative effect of a decades of rule both the civilian and the military governments. At the same time, senior officials of the present coalition government are hurling serious accusations of impropriety against the PTI top leadership. However, the public will much prefer that, if they have substantial evidence, they prosecute PTI leaders and get them sentenced.

At the same time, the leaders in the coalition government must also be made to face the serious charges against them, instead of finishing off the cases through legislative and administrative manipulation. Of course, they won’t do so on their own. So, perhaps for once, the establishment and the superior judiciary should intervene to prevent turning of this unfortunate land into a fertile field for men and women who pursue their insatiable greed for illicit wealth, using politics as their tool.




of library

What is library for and whom for? The first and only answer comes in our mind will be to study and, of course, it is for students. But this is not the case of every library and specifically here I am talking about libraries in well- known universities. These places are supposed to be the learning places for students but unfortunately they are being used for interviews, meetings and other official works.

This definitely disturbs students especially when they are getting prepared for their final exams. This is the situation of those well-known universities that are popular because of their quality education and good infrastructure. I want to ask them that is this quality and good infrastructure they are providing and for which they are prominent was supposed to be used for their own purposes?

If this is so then they should and must change their claim of best university because they are no more universities but a best place for office work. Through this letter I request higher authorities to make sure that those universities do not exploite the resources for uses other than their defined use.



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