Conference on disarmament must overcome stagnation: Pak diplomat

Staff Reporter

A senior Pakistani official has expressed concern over the international security environment and has asked the Conference on Disarmament, the multilateral negotiating forum on disarmament, to come out of its “stagnation”.

Director General at Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Arms Control and Disarmament Division Kamran Akhtar, while speaking a webinar hosted by Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) on ‘NPT and Promise of Disarmament’, said, “we are having an international security environment that has seen erosion of exiting treaty framework”.

Akhtar said nuclear weapon states were modernizing their arsenals and adopting newer and emerging technologies that were undermining strategic stability and increasing reliance of states, which had been left behind in technology, on nuclear weapons.

President SVI Dr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema was, meanwhile, of the opinion that the bargain made by non-nuclear weapon states with the nuclear-weapon states in the form of NPT has turned to be a bad one in the sense that until today, the nuclear-weapon states have not only given up nuclear weapons but some more nuclear weapons states have surfaced.

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