Conference on clinical trials kicks off at UHS



A three-day international conference on clinical trials began at the University of Health Sciences (UHS) on Friday. The conference is being organized jointly by the University of Granada, Spain, Drug Regulatory Authority, National Institute of Health Islamabad, Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine, and University of Child Health Lahore. The main purpose of the conference is to highlight the importance of clinical trials in scientific discovery and to explore its future prospects.

Two workshops were held on the first day of the conference. The first workshop was facilitated by Professor Khalid Saeed Khan of the University of Granada, Spain, who is the author of over 400 research papers and has received the Medical Book Award from the British Medical Association. The theme of Professor Khalid’s workshop was “Transparency in Clinical Trials”. The main message of the workshop was that given the importance of clinical trials in medicine and scientific discovery, proper education and training are required for their registration. He said the value of any clinical trial depended primarily on the quality of the information and data it generated and which was needed to be declared publicly.

The second workshop was facilitated by the UHS Microbiology department’s head Professor Sidrah Saleem.


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