Committed to better power supply throughout city: KE



K-Electric has been working diligently since privatization to provide its growing consumer base with a safe and reliable supply of power across the city including Hijrat Colony.

The company has been investing in a systematic and sustained manner to reduce transmission and distribution losses and improve efficiency in collaboration with the residents of the communities in which it operates.

In addition to conducting convenience camps for consumers in various areas including Hijrat Colony, the organization has also significantly improved its infrastructure.

The attention and cooperation of the area representatives on electricity theft and payment of dues is welcome whereas the power utility remained in contact with area representatives for amicable resolution of the power related issues which are hindering smooth electricity supply in the area.

Spokesman for K-Electric added that ” Through sustained investment in its power system after the privatization, the utility has exempted more than 75 percent of the city including industrial zones from load shedding.”


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