Sindh govt should hold a laborer census: Abro



Muhammad Khan Abro, a member of the governing body of Sindh Employees Social Security Institution, a subsidiary of Sindh government’s labor department, has said that the number of workers in Sindh province has not been counted properly till date.

The Sindh government should come up with a way to conduct a census of workers. Workers in all four provinces did not count properly. The ILO also wants the workers of every province in Pakistan to be counted properly.

Mohammad Khan Abro said that there is a mafia in all the provinces which is afraid of determining the exact number of labourers.

We pay tribute to Sindh’s Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani who took important steps to fight the anti-labor mafia in Sindh and today the fruits of these measures are being reaped by the workers.

Mohammad Khan Abro further said that until the exact number of laborers in the province is determined, there is also a problem for the industrialists because when the laborers are counted properly, the resources for their welfare are also in this proportion.

And when the welfare of the workers is properly ensured, it will prove to be a great source of surplus production in the industries which will be of real benefit to the workers as well as the industrialists.


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