Commissioner assures full support to Arts Council


Staff Reporter

Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput has assured the governing body of the Karachi Arts Council that the SindhGovernment was committed to continuing its support to the Arts Council.
He said this while chairing a meeting of Governing Body of the Karachi Arts Council here on Sunday. He said the SindhGovernment will continue its support to the Arts council to meet the council’s long standing goals to promote art and literature in the city so it can remain a prominent platform for artists, writers and literary expression.
President of the Karachi Arts Council Ahmed Shah made a detailed presentation to the commissioner on the achievements and activities successfully undertaken by the Karachi Arts Council and specially mentioning the importance of the International urdu Conference which is attended by writers, poets, artists and scholars fromall over the world every year.
The Commissioner showed a keen interest in the council’s contribution towards reviving art, poetry and literary prose and for keeping them alive. He said that Urdu literature was one of the richest literature in the world but it was slowly disappearing as poets and writers of today no longer had the opportunities to express and explore their artistic endeavors amid a fast-moving life. He pressed the need for more organizations like the Arts Council that would provide a safe space for artists and create a budding market for creative expression across the population.