Commander: Troops will be stationed along durand line


The commander of border forces in the eastern zone of Afghanistan, Sanaullah Sangin, said that troops will be stationed in 32 newly established outposts along the Durand Line.

The commander made the remarks during a gradua-tion ceremony of around 150 border force members who passed a 45-day training in the eastern part of the country. Sangin said these forces will be dis-patched alongside the Durand Line to defend Af-ghanistan’s territory.

“The new forces are going to be settled … where we built 32 outposts. The ways (roads) ending at these outposts will be finished soon and we will be ready to defend against any assault,” said Sanaullah Sangin.

Speaking at the same ceremony, the commander of Khalid Ibn Walid Corps, Abdul Sabour Abo Dojana, said maintaining security on the border areas is a priority for border forces and for the corps in the east of Afghanistan, adding that any neighboring country can officially negotiate with the Islamic Emirate over the border areas, if there is contro-versy.

“First, religion is important for us, second, the pro-tection of territory is obligatory for an Islamic gov-ernment. Neighboring countries can resolve prob-lems via negotiations, and negotiation includes goodness,” said Abo Dojana.

“The people on both sides of the line should not allow the building of fencing, people on both sides should not be separated. We do not accept this and never will accept it,” said Sanaullah Sangin.

In recent weeks, tensions have increased over the fencing along the Durand Line between the Islamic Emirate and Pakistani government. It is expected that a delegation led by Pakistan’s national security advisor will visit Kabul to address the border area problems with the Islamic Emirate-led government.—TOLO


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