Colourful Swat culture festival in full swing


The Swat Sports and Culture Festival is in full swing as a large number of citizens have gathered here at resort Fiza Ghat, Mingora on Saturday. A large number of local and countrywide tourists showed up to spend a quality time with their loved ones.

Providing healthy recreational activities to the citizens was the first priority of government institutions, said Kashif Farhan, Regional Sports Officer when contacted.

In order to promote tourism and provide recreational opportunities to citizens in the Swat Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a three-day Swat Festival has been organised in collaboration with the district administration and the Regional Sports Officer Malakand.

Men and women, who came to attend the festival from all over the country, were absolutely delighted. The ongoing Swat Festival in Fazagat was inaugurated by Additional Deputy Commissioner Swat Sohail Khan on Friday while Regional Sports Officer Kashif Farhan, Youth Officer Farhad Ali and other notable personalities were also present.

The festival featured performances of local artistes, including Shahid Khan Malang and Ayaz. In the festival, along with sports competitions for children, various stalls have also been set up.

Local citizens and poets thanked the district administration for organizing the event to bring joy to people in these challenging circumstances.

Kashif said, “On the special instructions of Deputy Commissioner Swat Junaid Khan, we have been trying hard to provide various opportunities, including arranging sports activities for the citizens, especially for the youth.” He said that Swat, rather the entire Malakand division was a centre of tourism, where the district administration along with the tourism department were working hard to facilitate tourists.