Cold wave, fog grip City


With the increase in the ongoing cold wave, Air Quality Index (AQI) of the provincial metropolis deteriorated further and the City continued to be on the top of the world’s most polluted cities.

Besides smog, fog has also attached the City increasing the impact of the earlier. Environmental experts said that the air quality and smog would increase with the presence of more moisture in the air.

The situation can be gauged by the fact that district administration has established special smog desks in various government hospitals of the city and also asked citizens to wear face masks while travelling outdoor.

Sources in Environment Department revealed that some of the already sealed pyrolysis plants, which used carbon and substandard fuel were operative again reasons best known to the authorities.

Data collected from IQAir revealed that the AQI of the City reached 255 and it topped the world’s most polluted cities while Delhi, India stood second with an AQI of 222 and Skopje, North Macedonia secured third position with an AQI of 182.