Those de-notifying CM received befitting reply: Musarrat


Spokesperson to CM and Punjab government Musarrat Jamsheed Cheema in a statement said that sometime an affidavit is obtained from a constitutional and lawful Chief Minister for not dissolving an Assembly while on the other hand the present system seeks guarantee of Nawaz Sharif’s life from us. She queried whether PTI is the sole political party of the country to provide such a guarantee.

She rebuked that the current system sends Nawaz Sharif and his daughter abroad and grants bail before arrest to Shahbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar and Salman Shahbaz involved in committing corruption worth billions of rupees. She queried as to how long the dual justice system will prevail in our country. She categorically remarked that those unlawfully de-notifying the Chief Minister have been given a befitting reply and PTI holds a clear majority in the Punjab Assembly by the grace of Allah Almighty.

She stated that Parvez Elahi was our unanimous Chief Minister and will remain so adding that those trying to create fissures in the ranks of ruling coalition are witnessing their own alliance splitting apart.

The amount of efforts which the PDM gang is making to save the Assemblies should instead have made to ameliorate dire economic conditions prevailing in the country.

The difficulties of the masses are on the rise with every passing day and the country is virtually drifting closer to bankruptcy. Pakistan besides facing skyrocketing economic turmoil is facing hiked electricity crisis.

There is a dearth of money to run most expensive power plants of the world on furnace oil and besides gas load shedding electricity load shedding is ongoing. Unfortunately no one is holding accountable the incumbent government indulging into loot and plunder.

The Federal government except putting additional burdens on the masses is doing nothing to alleviate problems of the masses and the country is standing at the verge of getting bankrupt.