COAS’ pledge



WHILST interacting with officers and men during his visit to the Tirah Valley, Khyber District, Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir pledged to continue fighting the menace of terrorism till enduring peace and stability is achieved.

He categorically stated that nobody will be allowed to disrupt the hard earned gains of war against terrorism made thus far.

The entire nation values the immense sacrifices rendered by security personnel in the war on terrorism as a result of which peace largely stands restored in the country.

These sacrifices which were made for a better and stable future of Pakistan will always be remembered in golden words.

The very statement of the Army Chief against terrorism is very important in the context of recent uptick in acts of terrorism.

This sends a very loud and clear message that no compromise whatsoever will be made on the security and vital interests of the country.

These remnant terrorist elements backed by foreign elements need to be crushed with full might.

This is possible only through seamless coordination amongst the security and intelligence agencies.

There is also need to forcefully take up with the Afghan Government the matter of cross border attacks inside Pakistan.

The Afghan authorities will have to fulfil its responsibility of not allowing their land for terrorist attacks against Pakistan.

This in fact is important for the peace and stability of the whole region.

We are confident that our top military and civil officials will raise the matter strongly with the Afghan authorities.

We believe that the new Army is winning the hearts and minds of the people through his unequivocal statements not only for the security and defence of the country but also the role of Army.

During a meeting with the participants of the national security workshop of National Defence University, Syed Asim Munir said the Army will stay away from politics, adding the Army’s job is to share its input with the federal government and follow its order instead of dictating it.

These indeed are the words of a truly professional soldier and we believe this mindset and approach is the way forward and will prove to be beneficial to put the country in the right direction.

It is also for our politicians to correct their course whilst rising above their petty political interests.