CM urges individuals to get themselves counted in housing, population census


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Friday urged the people of the province to come forward and get every individual counted because this is a national duty and it would help the government to provide facilities to the population based on details of people and their socio-economic conditions as recorded in the process of the census.

This he said while speaking at the Sindh Literature Festival (SLF) organized at Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi. He was accompanied by Minister for Culture Syed Sardar Shah.The Chief Minister said that the 7th Housing and Population Census had been started in the entire country and would continue till April 1, 2023. He said that this was the first time that the census process was being done digitally in which details of houses and individuals were being recorded and registered online and on digital devices, tablets.

Murad Ali Shah said that the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has also introduced the method of self-enumeration through which any member of a family can log into the PBS website – through a mobile phone or computer and enter details of family and household. The CM said that for self-enumeration, one has to reach the PBS website to register by providing the name of the mobile service company, mobile number, the name of the district, and Taluka. The website would ask the registering person to create a password and confirm it,” he explained the procedure and said once information was entered, a one-time password (OTP) would be sent to your given mobile number through a text message from 9272.

Upon receiving the OTP, one has to log in again by using the OTP within five minutes, the CM said and added upon login, the census form would open up to fill in. the required spaces with accurate information.  Murad Ali Shah said that once the form was filled it would be submitted. He added that upon the submission of census details, a code would be generated that one has to show when the census staff would visit his/her home. Mr. Shah urged the people of the province to get every individual counted. “If you are unable to register through self-enumeration, the census staff will visit your house, in any case, therefore, make sure that all your details and details of your family members are noted accurately,” he said and added this was a national duty and would help the government to provide facilities to the population on the basis of details of people and their socio-economic conditions as recorded in the process of the census.

Earlier, the CM while presiding over a meeting of Divisional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners at CM House, said that in the census, the responsibility of the divisional, district, and taluka administrations has increased manifold. He said that each Taluka has been declared as a ‘Census District’ and each Assistant Commissioner (AC) is a ‘Census District Officer’ (CDO).

He said that it was the utmost duty of each AC to ensure that every enumerator was working properly, security through police personnel, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), and Pak Army was provided, transportation facility was available, and each Tablet given to the enumerator was functional, charged and used appropriately.

“If any issue arises, the ACs and the officers of District Administrations are bound to resolve them instantly,” he directed and also advised them for technical problems related to functioning, connectivity and software of Tablets, local NADRA representatives have been geared up. NADRA would ensure that technological troubleshooting takes place without loss of time and data.He directed the Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Administrative Secretaries to supervise ACs and provide them support to effectively discharge their duties with regard to the 7th Housing and Population Census. The CM advised the people of the province that if Census staff did not reach their homes within the due course of time, they must reach out to the AC of their respective area.

He said the people that they could also inform the toll-free helpline of PBS (0800-57574) and they could also lodge a complaint, in case the enumerator has not recorded their details accurately. CM urged the civil society activists, political workers, parliamentarians and local govt representatives to play their role in increasing awareness among the common people about the Census.