CM Sindh instructs food deptt to fix flour price at Rs95/kg



Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah instructed that food department that the price of flour should be fixed at 95 rupees per kg in the open market while the price of subsidized flour should be ensured at 65 rupees.

According to details, CM Shah held a meeting at the Chief Minister’s House regarding the current situation of wheat and control of flour prices on his return after attending the Donors Conference in Geneva and directed the Food Department. Food Minister MukeshKumar Chawla, Chief Secretary Sohail Rajput, Sindh Chief Minister Principal Secretary FayazJatoi, Food Secretary KhurramShahzad and Director Food ImtiazShaikh attended the meeting.

Food Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla told the Sindh Chief Minister that the Food Department is releasing 8000 to 12000 tons of wheat per day and till the end of February, there is a stock of wheat as per the requirement of the province. Chief Minister Sindh questioned that if the food department is releasing wheat in abundance, why is the price not coming under control?

Murad Ali Shah clearly instructed the food department to control the prices of flour, fix it at Rs 95 per kg in the open market and provide subsidized flour at Rs 65 per kg. Giving the details of wheat stocks in the province, the Food Minister said that more than 618,569 tonnes of wheat are available.He further said that this stock is enough to meet the requirement of the province till the end of February and new crops will start coming in the market from the first week of March and the prices will automatically come down.

CM,  Chief Secretary Directed them to mobilize the district administration to control the prices of not only flour but other food items such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, beef, mutton, eggs and pulses.