CM Punjab concerned over center’s refusal of wheat import request


Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi voiced his grave concern on Sunday about the federal government’s refusal to allow the Punjab government to import wheat.

Recently, the Punjab administration requested authorization from the federal government to import wheat, but this has been denied.

In addition to providing wheat to other provinces, the federal government has given Sindh two lac metric tonnes of wheat. The contradictory policy of the federal government should make them feel guilty. The federal government’s refusal to let the Punjab government import wheat shows how hostile it is toward Punjab.

The federal administration believes they can manage the country by starving Punjab to death, hence it is impossible. He advised them to enter politics and complete their numbers if they wanted exact revenge. By denying the Punjab government permission to import wheat, there has been gross injustice. When we appeal to the Supreme Court, the federal government won’t have anything to say.

The federal government claims that it is using wheat as a weapon and that the price of flour will decrease if they allow private companies to import wheat. According to him, the federal government must send the Punjab government Rs 170 billion under various headings, including net hydel profit. The federal government is to blame for the lack of Panadol because it delayed raising the price, according to the Punjab government, which is also providing farmers with a subsidy of Rs 3.5 billion.

According to the CM, wheat that was imported by the federal government was given to Sindh and other provinces. The Punjab government has requested permission to import 10 lac metric tonnes of wheat on a self-pay basis. Earlier, the Federal government imported wheat but did not give a share to Punjab.

He further added that Shehbaz Sharif is plotting to exact revenge on the people of Punjab for driving out the PML-N from Punjab and a cunning attempt is being made to create wheat scarcity in Punjab. He said that the Federal government’s attitude toward the people of Punjab is not only regrettable but also condemnable.

He asserted, “Due to a number of factors, including floods and other issues, wheat imports into Punjab were now unavoidable during the current year.”

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