CM pays tributes to army for being guarantors to safeguard frontiers of country


Patted admin, political team members for their hard work on Ashura

Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi said that the Pakistan Armed Forces are the guarantors to safeguard the frontiers of our country and are also a symbol of our pride adding that only an enemy to the country can indulge into a propaganda against the army.

He stated that whosoever talks against the army, should be declared as an enemy of Pakistan and to the religion of Islam. He said that no one can talk against the Pakistan Army under any circumstances.

He denounced that PML-N are making a false and a baseless propaganda. CM highlighted that Imran Khan, PTI and the whole nation is standing with the Pakistan Army.

CM stated that we will not allow anyone to attain political motives by defaming the army adding that a false propaganda is being launched from the PML-N media cell.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi personally supervised the security arrangements on Ashura Muharram and remained in touch with the concerned officials till late at night to issue necessary instructions for maintaining peace in the province.

The CM went to the Punjab Safe Cities Authority to monitor the security arrangements for the processionists and expressed the satisfaction that Ashura has passed peacefully.

‘I congratulate the political and administrative team,’ he added.

While appreciating the cabinet committee for law and order for the best arrangements, he expressed satisfaction over the foolproof security arrangements across the province.

The police, administration and law enforcement agencies, together, maintained the atmosphere of peace and harmony by maintaining the best security arrangements in every city, he noted.

The government ensured the safety of people’s lives and property by working day and night during Muharram, especially on the 10th of Muharram.

The law and order situation remained under control as the best coordination was maintained by the line departments to ensure a peaceful atmosphere, he mentioned.

The CM noted that the officials of peace committees and parliamentarians also played their role to maintain the atmosphere of harmony during Ashura Muharram.

The ulema played their role as well and peace was maintained due to the coordinated work of all sections of the society, he concluded.


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