CM Parvez Elahi gets required 186 number in late-night vote of confidence drama

Parvez Elahi residence

Lahore: In a late-night Punjab Assembly drama, Chief Minister Parvez Elahi successfully bagged 186 votes to retain his position as the Lahore High Court (LHC) had observed that a chief minister should have round-the-clock support from a majority of lawmakers in the house.

In the house of 371 members, CM Parvez Elahi secured 186 votes — the minimum required to retain the position — in a session that was marred by a noisy opposition protest.

Earlier in the day, the LHC had observed that the governor had the authority to ask the chief minister to seek the trust of the house even during an ongoing session.

The results came as a surprise for the joint opposition, who were claiming that the treasury did not have the required number to stay afloat.

In a press conference, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had said that Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi had only 175 votes instead of the 187 that he was claiming.

He had also claimed that at least seven PTI MPAs were abroad as per travel records.

The opposition, which had been creating a ruckus in the house since proceedings began at 5 pm and demanding that the chief minister take a trust vote as per the December 19 directive of the governor, boycotted the voting process alleging the speaker did not allow them to appoint polling agents for a ‘fair count’ of those who were voting for CM Elahi.

After the votes, CM Parvez spoke on the house floor and thanked his own party, Imran Khan and the PTI, his provincial cabinet, and other lawmakers who helped him get over the line.

He slammed the PML-N for its “hue and cry” and asked the party to accept defeat.

“I stand with Imran Khan’s vision and we have restricted thieves to their homes now.”

While rejecting the voting process, PMLN leadership announced taking the matter to the courts.

Talking to the media, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said that the PTI, and PML-Q government had bulldozed the rules and the constitution. He termed the session unconstitutional and unacceptable. He said the absence of any polling staff during the voting and counting process clearly showed the mala fide on the part of the government.