Clive Llyod and Engineer- ‘home ground’ absentees at Old Trafford Tests


Bipin Dani

Old Trafford, Manchester is a “home ground” to both- former West Indies captain Clive Lyod and India’s ex wicket-keeper Farokh Engineer. As they have been living there since last so many years.
However, both will not be at the ground to watch the match in action. They did not go during the second Test also.
“We are not allowed (because of COVID-19) “, Llyod informs. “I could if I wanted to especially as I am only 15 minutes away from Old Trafford but I would rather watch most of it on TV”, Engineer added.
Interestingly, Llyod and Engineer are the vice presidents of the Lancashire County Cricket Club. “Although I would be in the President’s Box but I’d rather not take any chances”, Engineer added.
Like the one at Lord’s, and Eden Gardens in Kolkata, this ground too has a bell, which is being rung five minute before the commencement of the match.
“Yes, we do have a bell here at Emirates Old Trafford. I think it is just us and Lord’s which have traditional bells”, James Price, the Club official said.
“We are not exactly sure when the bell was installed, but we think the current one was from the late 1960s when the dressing rooms were built in the Pavilion. But even so, a bell was used a long time before this to signify the start of play and lunch interval, etc”, he further added.
“There is no criteria for choosing the bell ringers, but they are normally Club guests”.

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