Clean, green Pakistan is our vision: Imran

Tariq Saeed

Prime Minister Imran Khan has called upon the country men to put in their best efforts to make the afforestation drive a real success and preserve the scenic spots of Pakistan that are unmatched all over the world adding his government was taking bold steps for the climate protection.

“We seriously need to promote tourism in Pakistan as even Switzerland cannot match the beauty of tourist spots in the country.

Khan observed during his visit to scenic Naran valley on Monday where he inaugurated several projects and addressed the tiger force
He said none of the tourists spot in the world can match the serene beauty of Kaghan valley and other tourists spots in Pakistan adding Switzerland was half of Pakistan’s northern areas and yet it generates US$80 billion from tourism.

He said tourism in Pakistan was on the fast rise and the program we are going to implement for Kaghan valley would make it a world class tourism spot. He said that country can work on forming 15 more tourist spots such as Nathia Gali, and promote winter tourism.

Speaking to the tiger force members the prime minister said that he was delighted to see more trees being planted in the area during the aerial visit.

“Our future generations would be thankful to us that we cared for them; in fact no place in the world can match the beauty Pakistan has and it is your responsibility to take care of such blessings of Almighty Allah”.

Imran said adding tourism would fetch lot of foreign exchange in Pakistan and provide more jobs to our unemployed.

The Prime Minister Khan also stressed the need to hire local volunteers to keep a watch on forests saying that they are more aware of the local dynamics and know people involved in cutting trees in their respective areas.

He said promoting tourism was a challenge and the government was spending a huge amount on environmental projects in the country. PM Khan said their vision is a clean and green Pakistan.

People will only come to Pakistan when they will consider themselves safe. “We can’t have tourism until there is peace in the country”, he said.

Imran said the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program will change the environment adding the Improved tourism will generate jobs and ensure prosperity in the country. He also warned that illegal forest cutting would not be tolerated.

Earlier the Prime Minister inaugurated various development projects for the promotion of tourism and environmental protection in the area.

The projects include tree plantation on the banks of Kunhar River, distribution of motorbikes among Community River Rangers, raising trout fish in Kunhar River, provision of 5.5 million eco-friendly biodegradable bags, and emergency response service for tourists and delivery of machinery and equipment for waste collection.

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