Claimants of State of Medina fail on all fronts: Baloch

Raza Naqvi

Secretary-General of Jamat e Islami (JI), Liaquat Baloch has said that the claimants of the state of Medina had ruined the country as they had failed on all fronts.

He was talking to newsmen in Hazro and Attock in two spate events on Tuesday.

Local leadership of Jamat e Islami (JI) Attock chapter was also present on this occasion.

‘Incompetence’ of the PTI leadership and the government is a proven fact now, he added.

He claimed that the government had ruined the state institutions and the economy had been mortgaged with International Monetary Fund.

He was of the view that despite that Pakistan Tehreek Insaf government has almost completed 1,000 days in power, the country made no progress in any sphere except that public miseries, diseases, and mass suicides due to skyrocketing price hike of every basic commodity and utility have multiplied several time. He further added that the poor masses were compelled on starvation while the rulers were living luxurious life unaware of the sufferings of the masses.

“The same ruling faces have been running the country whether in the political regime or military dictatorship, enforcing same corrupt capitalist policies to fleece public money, tax the poor people to serve the interests of local and foreign masters,” he said.

“When the state fails to fulfill its responsibility, then masses face lawlessness, corruption, unemployment and they commit suicide,” he observed.

He said both the PDM parties and the PTI government had similar agendas and were unable to govern the country according to the wishes of the general public.

The JI leader has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to realize the fact that the country’s problems cannot be fixed by putting blames on the Opposition and the previous governments.

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