CJP’s advice


EVERY segment of the society is highly concerned over the urrent political instability which is also impacting the country’s economy.

Important institutions such as the judiciary also cannot stay aloof to it. This is the reason that honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Umar Ata Bandial whilst addressing the ninth international judicial conference in the federal capital on Friday called for dialogue to settle all political issues, and emphasised that progress can only be made if all political parties followed the established democratic practices and performed their respective roles in parliament under the Constitution.

This advice on the part of honourable CJP should not go unnoticed rather the political players whilst rising above their petty political interests should come together for the sake of the country.

The current calamity in the form of floods which has wreaked havoc in different parts of the country and displaced millions of people also warrant a sensible and responsible approach on the part of political parties in order to focus all the energies and attention to the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims.

The CJP in his address very rightly pointed out that a purely political impasse does not have a legal solution, however, we understand that heads of all important institutions including the judiciary as well as the President can play their role to bring both the incumbent government and the PTI leadership on the table of negotiations.

It will be a great service to the nation if they do so. We believe that their presence will make the talks more result oriented, leaving no room for anybody to renege on commitments or understanding reached during the talks.

It is also for the political parties to review their conduct, shun intransigence and pursue the path that serves the national interests.

The beginning must be made by the coalition government by firstly stopping the fiery speeches against the PTI leadership which should then also reciprocate positively.

As regards judiciary is concerned, the honourable CJP really deserves appreciation for the measures he has taken to reduce the backlog of cases in the apex court.

Needful should also be done to provide expeditious and inexpensive justice to the litigants at the level of district and session courts.


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