CJP urged to take suo moto notice of school fees issue


The Students Parents Federation has urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan for a 13-point suo moto action to address the parents of the students. The federation President Nasir Rizwan Advocate has said payment of closed school fees is a problem for every household in Pakistan He said Chief Justice of Pakistan should immediately take suo motu action and bring justice to the parents “SM Public Academy has responded to the defamation notice given to the chairman of the federation Nadeem Mirza. In the notice, we have also demanded unconditional apology for baseless allegations and compensation of Rs. 20 million.” Nasir said, “Our struggle is against looters in the name of education. Lawyers are with the Students Parents Federation of Pakistan.” Private Schools Parents Association Chairman Nadeem Mirza said despite the closure of schools by the government, schools are open all over Pakistan “What psychological education is being imparted to children without uniforms by inviting them to school through the back door? He said Education ministers have made a mockery of the government writ as parents are being robbed with the connivance of school owners. Nadeem Mirza said the country’s educational leaders have met with robbers, adding, private school owners openly challenge government writ. “Private school owners are using every tactic to collect the full fees of closed schools and the parents of the students are currently in severe mental distress. He demanded that schools should not be reopened until the end of Corona and urged that government should ensure the refund of all fees collected by school owners after threatening the parents.

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