Civic agencies to ensure cleanliness on Eid-Ul-Azha


The Rawalpindi Waste Management Company(RWMC) had deployed around 3,663 sanitary workers in different areas to keep the district neat and clean during Eid-ul-Azha.

“The RWMC has finalized a comprehensive cleanliness plan for Eid-ul-Azha to get rid of entrails and offals of animals. All available resources will be utilized to accomplish the task,” Managing Director(MD)Owais Manzoor Tarrar said Saturday.

The MD informed that 435 vehicles would be part of the special drive, including 357 in Rawalpindi, 14 Murree and 64 in other tehsils, to remove remains of sacrificial animals from every nook and corner of the district. According to the plan, 3228 workers have been deployed in Rawalpindi, 112 Murree, while 323 workers have been assigned duties in Taxila, Kahuta, Kalar Syedan and Gujjar Khan. Moreover, he said that 17 permanent and 43 mobile transfer stations had been set up in the district.

RWMC had distributed around 200,000 biodegradable waste bags and 50,000 awareness pamphlets to the citizens, he said and added that a mobile app had also been launched to guide the citizens. “All the staff will work under a control room while the residents have been directed to contact these numbers about any complaints 0315-1039984,0315-2008323,051-9291108,” the MD said.

He informed that the holidays of sanitary workers and officials of the department had been cancelled to ensure cleanliness during the Eid days.

Owais said 600 banners had been displayed at all main points of the district to create awareness among the masses about the cleanliness campaign. Collection points have also been established for the convenience of the public at the Union Council level, he informed. After completing the cleanliness task and removing the offal, he said all collection points and other areas would be adequately cleaned and sprayed.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has also devised an inclusive cleanliness plan for Eid-ul-Azha to remove the entrails of sacrificial animals.

Cantonment Executive Officer Rawalpindi Imran Gulzar said that 800 sanitary workers, two sanitary inspectors and 22 supervisors would perform duty during the Eid holidays.

He said 11 dumpers,20 mini dumpers, nine tractors, trolleys, five Suzuki pick-ups, and one excavator would be part of the special drive.

In addition, the Chief Officer informed that eight-ten wheeler vehicles,34 Suzuki pick-ups,24 jack trolleys, and three shovels had also been rented to remove the garbage, entrails of animals, and offal from all Cantonment areas.

Imran said that RCB around 15,000 biodegradable waste bags and awareness pamphlets had been distributed to the citizens, while two transfer points had been set up at Government Denny”s high school and Old Daewoo bus stand, Chungi no 22, from where waste would be transferred to the dumping stations.

“All the staff will work under a control room while the residents have been directed to contact these numbers about any complaints 051-9274421,9274422, or UAN no-111-07-07-07”.

He urged the citizens to cooperate with the RCB staff and dump entrails of the sacrificial animals and offal at specific collection points where these could be removed properly.


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