City warden beats citizen in Safari Park



A city warden has beaten a citizen who was sitting with his family on the footpath in Safari Park.City warden named Najam Saqib stopped by the family and abused them when they were sitting on the footpath in Karachi’s Safari Park. Sources revealed that the man had a harsh argument with the city warden earlier while entering the Park. The city warden then came on a bike and started beating the man.

The video shows the city warden kicking the man on his face while he was sitting with the woman. The incident happened yesterday but the video footage surfaced yesterday. Furthermore, after the video went viral the Director of the zoo directed the officials to take strict action against the city warden. Earlier, a policeman shot dead his neighbour over a minor dispute in Karachi’s Lines area.

The policeman – Imran Khan – opened fire on his neighbour for throwing garbage at his side, injuring two persons on the spot, and fled away. However, the person later succumbed to injuries during his treatment in the hospital.

The police officials stated that the accused is posted in the Mehmoodabad police station, while the search for the policeman was underway.