Battery thief gets unique punishment



A battery thief was awarded a unique punishment by residents of Surjani Town, Karachi after he was caught red-handed.According to details, the battery thief in Surjani Town Sector 4A area of Karachi was caught by the residents on the stop and was punished in the West’s way with ‘community service.’

According to mobile and CCTV footage of the incident, footage recorded from a mobile, the battery thief can be seen cleaning the street as punishment.While in the CCTV footage, the youngster can be seen coming to the street to steal the battery of the car, but he could not succeed.

The battery thief was caught by the citizens while fleeing from the area on a bike.The battery thief was first tortured by the citizens of the area, while later he was forced to clean the street.Garbage in the street was also picked up by a battery thief.