City awaits the fruits of PPP-MQM pact: Altaf



Megacity Karachi awaits the fruits of the MQM-PPP accord, said Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here on Sunday.Commenting on the recent political developments, he said that things are happening unexpectedly in Islamabad which will cast their shadow on whole country.

He said law and constitution should be kept supreme at all cost and fueling crisis would not be in the larger interest of the nation and country. He said irrespective of political bickering we should not remain ignorant of the basic problems facing the nation and country.Altaf Shakoor said we firmly believe that the most pressing problem of Pakistan is of economic nature.

He said Karachi megacity is the revenue engine of Pakistan and its poor and inadequate infrastructure is the main hindrance to a swift development of trade, industry and overall economy.

He said that with the recent pact between the PPP and MQM-P it is being expected that the core problems of Karachi would be resolved; however, as yet no fruits of this pact is seen to the citizens of Karachi.

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