Citizens should be issued arms licenses for their own safety: Kaukab



Citizens are feeling insecure due to street crimes in Karachi, armed robberies and looting.

Kaukab Iqbal, the chairman of Consumer Association of Pakistan, said that the valuable lives of the breadwinners of many families have been lost in robberies, due to which the economic condition of countless families has become extremely worse and the perpetrators of crimes are roaming freely.

He said while presiding over a meeting to review the increasing crime in the city in the CAP office.

He said that the citizen who wants to get an arms license for his own protection should be issued an arms license by the government immediately and those who have an arms license should protect themselves and their families.

Should be encouraged to use for the protection of if the increasing incidents of robbery are not controlled, then the citizens should not start acting on the kill-or-die formula, because when the feeling of insecurity starts to increase, many factors start to arise, so it is necessary that the Sindh Police along with the Rangers should also fulfill their responsibility.  Kaukab Iqbal said that the Mohalla Association should play its role for the police community.

He said that from October to February there is a season of marriages.  It has returned, but at the same time, buyers are panicking.  Kaukab Iqbal said that the Sector Commanders of Rangers and the SSP of the area should set up an open kachehri in their areas so that they can know about the incidents in a timely manner. There is a need to make the system of 15 effective, additional police personnel should be posted in different areas.

The number of crimes in the area is increasing, the SHO should be replaced immediately, the areas should be re-allowed to put up gates under their own security, and allow one way to come and go from the other way, so that illegal activities can be detected.

If the law will be strong and the punishments will be quick, then surely the people involved in the incidents can reach their end.

Kaukab Iqbal said that police and citizens can control crime only if both have a relationship of trust.  He further said that increasing crimes not only affect the economy, but it does not take time for a civilized society to become secular, so it is important to restore the sense of security among the citizens.

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