Christmas trees sale increased


    The sale of Christmas trees increased manifold in the city ahead of Christmas Day, to be celebrated on December 25 (Sunday). “A good number of citizens belonging to the Christian community are visiting markets to look for decorative Christmas trees,” said a shopkeeper Hassan, who deals in decorative items in Cantonment area.

    He disclosed that he had received many orders for the preparation of ornamental trees.

    The demand for trees, ranging from a height one foot to 12 feet is higher, he remarked. “The trees are available from Rs 1500 to Rs 20,000 depending on the decorative work done.” Hyacinth Peter, an activist from the Christian community said trees remain green throughout the year and they have special significance for Christian people.

    He added that people decorate their homes during the festival season with the pine tree, spruce tree or fir tree. “Similarly, some people hang evergreen boughs over their doors and window,” he further said. Peter maintained that members of the Christian community believed that evergreen trees keep away witches, ghost, evil spirit, and illnesses.

    “Some people used to put gifts under the trees during nighttime for the poor.” The green colour of the trees also represents life, rebirth and stamina required to endure extreme winter months, Peter elaborated.