Christians played crucial role in Independence: Zafar


Post Graduate Medical Institute Principal Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Freed Zafar & Executive Director Punjab Institute of Neurosciences Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood said that like all over the world, the Christian community in the field of health and education in Pakistan has made a name for itself by performing valuable services by following the teachings of Jesus.

They said that during the establishment of Pakistan and in the war of 1965 military “jawans” belonging to the Christian community along with their fellow countrymen made selfless sacrifices for the protection of the motherland, while the Christian community served in the field of nursing as well.

These views were expressed on the occasion of the Christmas ceremony organized by the Pakistan Health Support Staff Association and Nursing Staff at Lahore General Hospital/PINS where 300-pound’s cake was also cut and gifts and flowers were exchanged along with Christmas wishes.

Prof. Al-Freed Zafar said that Jesus brought the message of peace and reconciliation and as Muslims, all the Prophets are highly respected for us who were preachers of the teachings of Allah Almighty.

He pointed out that all Prophets have the same theme and message of peace and tranquility for humanity by eliminating intolerance, injustice and violence in the society which can remove economic inequalities as well.

He said that all religions and divine books have emphasized on the respect of the human race and the service of the suffering humanity and in this regard teachings of Jesus Christ (AS) and the role of the Christian community is very commendable.

On this event Prof. Dr. Ghias-un-Nabi Tayyab, MS LGH Dr. Khalid bin Aslam, NS Razia Shamim, President Association Rana Pervaiz, Aftab Waris, Sister Kousar Tahir, Shireen Chaman, Majeed Raj ,Shahzad Roshan and a large number of doctors, nurses and paramedics were present.

While addressing the special Christmas event Prof. Al-Freed & ED PINS highlighted that all the minorities including the Christian community living in Pakistan are like a bouquet of flowers that become a nation by joining their Muslim brothers.

They further said that all the minorities including the Christian in Pakistan have basic rights regardless of race and color and there is no doubt about this that our Christian brothers and sisters are rendering great services for the progress and prosperity of the country. Similarly there is no field of life where the representation of the Christian community is not founded.

They added that the purpose of organizing the event every year on the occasion of Christmas in PINS & LGH is practical recognition of the services of the Christian community which they rendering for the country and the nation.

On this occasion Christian brothers were full of joy and they offered special prayers for the safety of the country and nation and hugged each other with happiness.